About Me and My Journey

  Born as Cecil Hicks, I would have to admit, I have always been somewhat of an entrepreneur.  Over the years my entrepreneurships have guided me to being a music producer & arranger for local California groups and individual artist. I then created Big C's Productions (a mobile DJ Service), and later renamed it First Choice Mobile Music which was successful for many years. Topper Entertainment is not just my channel but "Our" channel. While I explore many controversial & hot topics, I encourage everyone who visits my page to subscribe, like & comment on my videos and participate in discussion. We as a whole have a voice, let it be heard and take awareness & discussion to the next level. Our channel is a judge free zone, however let's remember to be respectful of others opinion's. #topperentertainment #cecilhicks #hottopics #hottopicentertainment #awareness #youtubecreator #controversial #youtubevideos My services include building and managing YouTube Channels, Video Editing,  Graphics, and Videography and Photography. 


Topper Entertainment - YouTube videos videographer

Ladies & Gentlemen May I Introduce myself...

Born Cecil Hicks I evolved into Topper Entertainment through many years of self realization. I published my first YouTube Video on Jun 29, 2017. My journey is to peel back my layers for the world to see.  I am going to keep it 100% with no chaser. Please Comment, Like, and Subscribe to my YouTube Channel. 

Old School Wisdom For all generations

My vision is to share my wisdom with people from all walks of life, races, ethnicities, religions, and beliefs.  I want to enlighten my viewers through my Thought Provoking Hot Topics.


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